The 2022 Witches Almanac digital planner for witches pagans & Wiccans is here!

This planner is 100% digital and you can use it with your favorite pdf annotation app (I prefer Goodnotes). When you purchase the digital planner, you will get a hyperlinked PDF file instantly downloaded to your device. Upload to Goodnotes or your notes app of choice.

Included in the 2022 edition of the Witches’ Almanac:

✅ Yearly goals & visions planner
✅ 90 days planner
✅ Monthly overview
✅ Weekly spreads with Alastair method
✅ Daily spreads with daily highlight
✅ Focus sheet
✅ Sabbaths & festivals planner
✅ 2022 lunations
✅ Tarot tracker
✅ Spells & notes page (easy to duplicate in Goodnotes)

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