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Start a healthy relationship with your bank account today

What is your current money mindset?

Many of us suffer from a poor money mindset and struggle with an unhealthy relationship with our money. Are you anxious every time you check your bank balance, worrying that there isn’t going to be enough money there? Then keep reading, because today we are going to examine those worries and see where they stem from, and I will show you a simple technique to help you resolve these worries.

If you struggle with money, chances are that you’re holding limiting beliefs about money. There are many ways you can start to resolve those beliefs, and we’re going to cover those in a minute. But it’s not an easy job, it takes a lot of work from you. So if you really want to FEEL in your bones that you have no issues whatsoever with money, you have a lot of inner work to do.

One way you can start is to apply this simple technique that I’m going to show you. When I say “simple” I mean the method is simple, but the real hard work lies in you doing it day after day after day until you start to feel momentum happening. It takes some time and effort to build a daily habit, but be sure not to underestimate the power in building a daily habit. The small, initially immeasurable effects compound over time (much like your money will :))

It’s not an easy quick fix thing to resolve every limiting belief you have about money. Many of us have to dig deep into our childhood roots to discover everything that lies under the surface. The technique that I’m going to show you today is no quick fix either. But it’s a start heading towards the right direction. So don’t take this as an advice that will solve all your money problems, because that won’t work of course. The thing you have to do is to dig deep inside you to find where your beliefs stem from, and where you got them in the first place.

If you have lots of money, that is no guarantee that you have a healthy relationship with it. Do you collect it but for no reason? Is it there just to show you how successful you are? So this method can work for you even if you have a lot of money but don’t have a healthy relationship with it.

How do you feel about your money today?

First, sit for a while and meditate on how you feel about the issue of money. Don’t dig into why you don’t have enough, don’t blame or judge yourself of anything. Just be in the now and feel how it feels to think about money. Do you feel angry, sad, joyful or something else? Just notice what’s there and let it be there.

Take a pen and paper and write down all the beliefs you can come up with that you have about money. Reflect on them on a daily basis.

Spend time with your bank account every day

Now, think of the dream goal you have, which you could achieve if you had that money. Maybe it’s the dream vacation, the house you would like to buy, or something else. Try to think as vividly as you possibly can, and imagine a picture before your eyes where you are already in your dream situation. Do everything that will make this a pleasant moment of the day: light a candle, make yourself a nice cup of coffee etc. Check your bank balance every day. Make it the highlight of the day. 

The trigger to set a goal to strive for

Now it’s time to build a “trigger” that helps you to associate your bank account with something that you find really pleasant, and you want to save up some money to get. Let’s take a dream vacation as an example. Let’s say you want to go to Bali, but you don’t have the money saved up yet. (This is actually one of my current goals! I will report from Bali when I get there) Before you log in to your bank account, sit for a while and visualize the dream vacation. Make a connection with the goal you have. 

Pick a symbol that you associate with the thing you are saving the money for. This is going to be your trigger. For the example above you could use a mood board, a picture, a scent or anything else that helps you tap into that Bali trip and build a persistent desire to go. Place the symbol where you can see it every day. This way it will also remind you to go check your bank account for the day. 

Whatever your attention goes to grows

The rule is that whatever your attentions goes to grows. Start to really connect with the symbol so that you know that as soon as you spend time with your money like this every day, they will help you to come up with ideas on how to get more “to keep them company” so to speak.

Remember that when you do this exercise you want to hold an attitude of gratitude.
It is highly important that you find a way to be playful, enthusiastic and that you expect, know, that you will see that money manifesting soon enough. In the mean time, start to plan your vacation as though you already saw the money in your bank account.

Place small amounts of money into your savings account every day

If you don’t have a big amount of money to place into your bank account, start small. Just something to see it grow. Do this every day to make it a habit, as a part of the daily check of the bank balance. Soon enough, when you get some extra cash you might even decide to save it instead of going out and spending it. 

Budget your expenses

When you start to spend time daily with your bank account, you also start to get control over your expenses. This is a great way to be ahead of yourself and see to it that you don’t spend too much. Start a budget so you can easily keep track of what you spend your money on. After a month or so this will give you some good insights and will help you regulate your spendings in the future. 

You will soon start to notice that your relationship with your money and your bank account has improved significantly and you don’t have to fear every time you check your bank balance.


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