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Intuition vs ego

How do you tell the difference between intuition and ego? And how do you start listening to your intuition more? Find out how in this article.

Categorized as: Law of attraction

Scent imprinting as a powerful visualization technique

What is imprinting? The term “imprinting” needs a bit of explanation. According to Wikipedia, imprinting is “any kind of phase-sensitive learning (learning occurring at a particular age or a particular life stage) that is rapid and apparently independent of the consequences of behaviour. It was first used to describe situations in which an animal or … Continue Reading Scent imprinting as a powerful visualization technique

Categorized as: Personal growth

Let go of resentment

Resentment is like trying to kill someone by drinking a cup of poison yourself.  Today we are going to talk about resentment. Why do we sometimes feel resentful towards other people, and why is it so hard to let go? It is clearly the other person that did something wrong to you, right? So why are … Continue Reading Let go of resentment

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