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4 Intuitive drawing exercises to help you relax and release stress & anxiety

In today’s article we’re going to discuss intuitive drawing, and I will show you 4 exercises to help you get started with intuitive drawing. It’s a great morning meditation if you’re into journaling. Drawing intuitively means that you don’t have a plan for your drawing. Just let your mind wander and let your pen follow … Continue Reading 4 Intuitive drawing exercises to help you relax and release stress & anxiety

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The benefits of color

Color and the mind Have you ever wondered why you like certain types of color? Why someone else likes other colors than you? Sometimes we even yearn for certain colors during certain times of our lives. Colors are a vital part of our lives. We choose everyday what colors we want to wear, what color … Continue Reading The benefits of color

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The Mind map structure

I am sure that you have heard of the mind map and maybe even tried out this method of note taking. Today we are going to examine this structure, and I’m going to look into why it is so beneficial compared to a traditional note taking style. So what is the mind map anyway? According … Continue Reading The Mind map structure

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