Category: Personal growth

9 benefits of being an INFJ

INFJ – The rarest personality type If you are an INFJ it can be hard to understand who you are in this world. You’re the rarest personality type in the MTBI, and that’s not always easy. Maybe you’ve always felt a bit odd. That’s not surprising. The INFJ personality...

How I overcame fear with this hack

Fear of failure Have you ever wanted to reach a goal, but didn’t reach all the way to the end because of fear? Fear is one of the main reasons holding us back from achieving the goals and dreams of our lives. What if we invest our thoughts and...

The ultimate undo-list for introverts

If you are an introvert, chances are you are trying to fit into the world of extroverts. Even though 51% of us are introverts, we live in a world that rewards us for acting in an extrovert manner. So oftentimes we tend to violate our personality in order to...

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