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Clear out negative thought patterns with this metod

Today I want to introduce an idea that might help you to see your thoughts in a new way and sort out some negative thought patterns. I also want to discuss your senses by introducing an idea that can change the way you think about your brain and how you can use it for your benefit. 

Our senses are a beautiful evolutionary invention.

Our senses let us experience the outer reality in a fantastic way, help us to protect us from danger and so on. Think of a beautiful pink rose. Imagine its beauty, its smell. Now think of a lovely little puppy. The way the soft fur feels against your palms when you pet it. 

Think of any music that you like. Why do you especially listen to music you like? Because you want to treat your ears to something beautiful, right? Through your ears, you want to experience something that makes you feel good. 

Now think of your favourite food. Naturally you’re going to treat yourself to something you like. You wouldn’t eat something that you would find disgusting, right?

And so on. Naturally we love incense, flowers and fragrances that evoke our feelings and make us feel good through the sense of smell, and we avoid things that smell bad.

So what? you might ask. Isn’t that obvious? Not at all. How about your brain? Think about it: do you take as good care of it and treat it like you do with your other senses? Many of us can easily say that we don’t. Your brain picks up energy vibrations just like your ears pick up sounds, your eyes recognize color and your nose can smell a rose. 

Negative vs positive thoughts 

Think of your brain as a sense organ that can pick up a bad thought just as easily as it can sense a good one. It doesn’t discriminate, just as your nose doesn’t discriminates which smell comes its way. Of course you are going to avoid a bad smell if you can, but you won’t blame your nose for sensing that bad smell. You will thank it for detecting that smell so that you could clean out those leftovers that you forgot in the fridge.

Your brain is no different really. If you see your brain this way, you have a quite powerful tool to detect energies in your environment that aren’t so beneficial for you. When we think negative thoughts, we tend to judge ourselves for that. But what if we treat our thoughts like the other senses? We wouldn’t judge our eyes if we saw something we thought of as ugly, would we? Or if we would touch a sharp object, that would be a good indicator for us to avoid that object. 

Clear out your inner “leftovers”

That’s why I want you to do this experiment with me. Try to detect any negative or “bad” thoughts you have during a day, and try to see them as indicators to your inner world and where exactly you hold negative energy.

This way you can start to clear out those inner “leftovers” that no longer serve you. We all have programs running our subconscious, beliefs that we picked up during childhood. These programs are responsible for most of our habits, and we must consciously and actively change our habits in order to make changes in our subconscious mind. 

How to create new thought patterns – “create new music” for your brain

There are a variety of methods that you can use to start clearing out negative energy that resides within your thought patterns. The following hacks are the ones that I most frequently use:

1 Meditation

The way I find the most effective is meditation practice. Just sit in stillness and try to observe your thoughts. With practice you will start to get in touch with your thoughts that you have in everyday life, whether they are positive or negative, and you start to act in a more proactive instead of a reactive way. 

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2 Start a new habit

Track down your negative habits and start new ones. This takes a bit of time, but I can assure you that this hack will compound over time. The key to this is consistency. Practice your new habit every day in order to eventually let it slip into your subconscious mind. 

Implement the habits one at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Let’s say you want to start a few new habits like: quit smoking, getting up at 5 AM in the morning, doing a daily yoga practice, shift to a plant based diet and read two books a week. You can easily see how it would overwhelm you if you started with all these habits at once. 

The key is to embody the new habit in such a way that it becomes a part of you to such a degree that you can’t recall how you could ever live without it. The habit has to become one with your being before you start to implement a new one. This way you don’t quit the new habit. 

3 Treat yourself to some beautiful thoughts

Just like the way you listen to music you like, treat yourself to thinking some really high quality thoughts. What are high quality thoughts, you might wonder? Only you can decide what you perceive of as beautiful , high quality thoughts. Don’t have any ideas? Go out in nature and find things that make your heart sing and your mind wander.

4 Make a gratitude list

This hack can do miracles. List everything that you’re grateful for, ideally before you get up in the morning. There are thousands, millions of things that you can be grateful for, from the smallest bird or insect to the fact that you can see the sky, eat food every day or that you have internet access. With practice, you might discover that you can find gratitude in almost every experience. 

But what about the things that I’m not grateful for, you might ask. The more you mindfully practice this, the more you will eventually see that every experience, even the ones that isn’t so pleasant, can be a tool for you to grow in life.

5 Keep a journal

This is an effective method if you want to discover and start to let go of negative energies that you hold. There is so much within you, and if you keep a journal and do self inquiry you can start to clear the thoughts you no longer want as well as start to discover the beauty that lies within you. 

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