Law of attraction

Convert your creative flow into cashflow!

Are you a creative person?
I know you are, since you are here! But what is creativity really? And how on earth can it increase your cashflow?
This is what we are going to examine today.
We are also going to see what your inner creative force can do for your cashflow as soon as you tap into it and really grasp the magnitude of what this force is.

Today I want to share a really powerful idea that I recently found out about. I planted this idea in my subconscious mind a while ago, and now I finally see some subtle results of it. It’s simple, and I’m still testing it out to let it play around in my subconscious mind for a bit.

Creative flow

Now what I mean when I say “creative flow” needs a bit of explanation.
For a long time I used to think that “creative flow” meant for example when you tap into some musical groove, or when you efortlessly draw or write for half a day without even looking at the time once. You forget time and space, and hours upon hours later you realise you haven’t been eating or sleeping.

It is all that too, of course. But there’s more. The idea that I had was a result of my autosuggestive technique I use every day to help place my conscious thoughts into my unconscious mind in order to maifest it in reality.
I wanted a new thought or affirmation to work with, and I decided to go with the following statement:

Creative flow equals cashflow.

I didn’t know if it was true or not. Nevertheless I wanted something I could be familiar with for my mind to allow it to be true. I’m all about creativity and I easily come up with creative ideas, so I needed a starting point to exercise my mind with the idea that creative flow equals cashflow. Hammered and hammered it in my mind to really start to feel the connection between the two kinds of flow.

I wanted to get my mind to automatically think “cashflow” when I had a creative idea.
After a few days I had a Heureka moment. Finally, the sentence landed in my mind. From that second, it was 100% true. And this is the insight I want to share with you today.

convert your creative flow into cashflow

Your creative flow is much more than you think

During this “Heureka moment” I found out that I limit myself when I think about creativity.

I recently read Bob Proctor’s book “You were born rich” in which he explains the flow from Thought > Idea > Manifestation in reality. If you haven’t read it and if you want to earn more money (like I am!) I highly recommend that you check out the Proctor Gallagher institute.

Well, the reason I tell you about this model is that I got the inspiration to see the creative force at play here.

Most people have it all backwards though. They think that it goes Manifestation > Thought > Idea. For example, they see their empty bank account (manifestation) and think they are poor (thought) which form an idea of scarity in their mind (idea). As a result they manifest more poverty into their reality.

So what did I realise and what does it have to do with creativity?
It is that thought equals creativity. So if you think that you’re not creative, that in and of itself is a creative manifestation.

Your thoughts are your highest creative peak

So what if we would go with the idea that everything you think is an act of creativity? What would that mean for you? You are free to think whatever you want, and to create anything you want in your mind. Why not try to create something beautiful while you’re at it?

If you are a fan of the law of attraction you know that it suggests that “if you can conceive it and believe it you can also achieve it”. The creative field is all around you at all times, but it’s your job to tap into it and channel it the way you want it to manifest in the world.

Much like a gardener who know that if s/he plants a seed and nourishes it, it will grow. S/he doesn’t sit there and pray for it to grow, s/he knows it’s the law of nature that given the right conditions, the seed must grow. But the gardener also knows that nature doesn’t distinguish between an edible crop and a poisonous one. Nature allows every seed equal chances to grow. So it’s the gardener’s job to plant the good, useful ones. And it is also the gardeners job to imagine in his or her mind what a beautiful garden this could be.

Your subconscious mind is no different. You can plant any seed you want in there. But when you think scarcity thoughts just because you don’t see it in your reality yet, it’s like if that gardener would think “it’s no idea to start a garden here. Look at all the weeds everywhere! Nothing useful could ever grow here!” And if s/he thinks that, s/he will of course never try to grow that beautiful garden that could be there if s/he wanted.

An abundance exercise

Let’s try an exercise to get you into the zone.
I am going to assume that you would like to have more money in your life.
During the next week I want you to be mindful about the thoughts/seeds you plant in your subconscios mind. Are there toxic, poisonous thoughts/seeds or is your mind filled with flourishing, abundant thoughts?

If you find negative, toxic thoughts in there, when did you plant them? Can you point to a time when you didn’t have them? Why did you plant them there?

The trick is that your subconscious mind is just a part of nature and it works in the same way; it allows everything to enter into it and to grow. So the exercise I want you to do is to pay real good attention to what goes in there, and to start to be creative with what you want to enter. Start to create a really abundant version of you. Feel that this version of you already exists, much like the gardener already sees the tree when s/he plants the seed.

Now you can hopefully see that you don’t have to bother much about if you don’t see the results you desire in your reality yet. Remember that your job is not to see what is there now, it is to hold the image in your mind of what you desire in the future. As soon as your creativity enters the subconscious mind, it must start to manifest into your reality.

Inspired action

You will soon start to get all sorts of creative, inspiring ideas to support the creative thoughts you planted. Act on them immediately! This is a good sign that you’re starting to create the reality you want for yourself. This instant, inspired action is very important and analogous to when the gardener waters and nourishes the plants. The action is required if you want results in your life.

How to turn the creative flow into cashflow

Now I want you to start to get familiar with this idea that creativity equals cashflow. Remind yourself of this every day several times a day to hammer it into your subconscios mind. Since you can hold any image you desire in your mind, you can just as easily hold the idea that creativity equals cashflow as you can hold any other idea, so give it an honest try.

Soon enough you will get ideas to act on this thought. It’s subtle, so pay attention. Meditate, do self inquiry. Start to know that you are a creative being at core, since you are able to think. Look around you for inspiration. All the things you are surrounded with. Think about the creativity that went into creating all this stuff. And someone got the brilliant idea that they could turn their idea into money.

Now it’s your turn. What are the ideas that you already have inside of you? You might not see them yet, but the more you think about them the more of them will pop up in plain sight for you to pick, much like the ripe fruit which the gardener harvests every year.

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