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How to create a sigil for manifestation work

Today we’re going to do something fun. You can use this technique if you just want to invite more creativity into your life, but it’s also an effective manifestation and affirmation tool. If you have kids that are on their journey of learning how to write, this is even a fun exercise for them to learn how to spell (pun intended 😬)! We’re going to create a sigil.

What is a sigil?

Witches and pagans all over the world have been creating magic sigils since forever. A sigil is a symbol used in magic and it’s a way to seal a spell into something physical like a piece of wood or paper, or even in the sand. They were traditionally used to summon various kinds of deities.

You can get super creative with this even if you’re not a medieval witch. If you have a garden for example, creating a sigil to plan your garden sections can be a fun and meaningful way to do it. But also, it can be a fun way to spice up a bullet journal spread if you’re into law of attraction and manifestation work.

How to draw a sigil step by step

Step 1: Decide what you want to manifest

Try to come up with one single word that encapsulates the meaning of what you want to manifest. For the sake of practice, you can choose a random word to help you get started. Choose a word that empowers you and gives you positive energy.

Step 2: Write the word on a piece of paper

The next step is to write the word with clear and distinct lines. Use capital letters. This way you will be able to distinguish the different strokes more easily.

Step 3: Remove redundant strokes

Now it’s time to lean things up. Let’s say you have chosen the word MINDFULNESS. You can directly see that N and S is occurring two times. Cross out everything that is redundant. In this case, M, I, N, D, F, L, E have similar upright strokes. Cross them out. You could argue that I is a letter of its own, and you decide whether you want to keep it that way or treat it as an upright stroke.

You now have a set of strokes left to play with during the next step.

Step 4: Get creative! Play around with the remaining strokes

Now it’s time for the really fun part! Play around with the strokes you have left, and place them however you want to create a pictogram. Try out different designs. You will feel it when you’re done. One design will stand out. Use that one.

Step 5: Use the final sigil for magic

It doesn’t matter if you’re a witch or not; using a magic sigil that you have created yourself is a fun way to “lock your wish in place”. One way to do it is to write your sigil on a paper and put it in a wish jar. Another way is to engrave your sigil onto a piece of wood or something else that you can wear. If you’re into crafts, it’s a fun project to embroider it onto a piece of fabric. Or if you’re like me, create a sigil bullet journal spread for manifestation work. Get creative and don’t let anything stop you!

If you’re a digital bullet journal type like me and want to create a digital sigil, you can get my Witches Almanac planner here. It has a “Spells and notes” section that you can easily duplicate if you use Goodnotes for note taking and need more pages.

Read the Wikipedia page about sigils here

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