The ultimate decluttering: deleting my Facebook account

A while ago I decided to delete my Facebook account. This is one of the most radical things I’ve ever done when it comes to decluttering. You HAVE to be on Facebook, right? Especially if you run a business.

Facebook: Friend or foe?

I think Facebook can be beneficial for so many things, and millions of businesses rely on it for ads etc. But it has become too toxic in my opinion which is why I’ve decided to let my account go. As a decluttering person and a Konmari enthusiast, I always look at what sparks joy for me and what doesn’t. For me, Facebook has become more or less a monster, and it throws in a bone once in a while so you won’t feel too bad for them taking away ALL of your privacy. That’s just not how I want to live my life.

The original intention to connect people is a good intention. The Facebook platform was designed to connect people, but in my opinion that is somewhat gone. It has become this huge marketplace. As a regular private Facebook user you only see a fraction of your friends’ posts.

Taking a leap of faith

Since I don’t heavily rely on Facebook for ads, I can’t speak for the businesses that do. For any business it’s important to be seen online, or you don’t exist. Facebook might be the best marketing platform for businesses there is, but for me, that’s not what Facebook should be about. My feeling is that running ads on the Facebook platform can be super lucrative if you do it the right way. There’s a lot of talented people out there who really know how to run ads on Facebook to get results. But I don’t want to feed a beast that doesn’t ever get satisfied. I have a strong belief that my products speak for themselves and that they will find their way to the right customers anyway.

Is Facebook just a marketplace?

My research show that most of us don’t want to be disturbed with ads while scrolling on social media. That’s not why we’re there. We’re there to connect with friends, not to read ads. Businesses get smarter with this as they craft their ads to not look so much like…ads. There are some seriously gifted copywriters out there, and they are on their toes to find new ways to get some eyeballs on their ads.

What goes around comes around

I don’t want to disturb people who just want to connect with their friends for a minute. As a business owner I sell stuff and I would rather have my potential clients & customers look for the things that I offer by searching for it themselves. For me, it’s not just to sell as much as possible, it’s the joy of knowing that my digital products and other services has found the right match. There’s no better feeling in the world than to know that you have been able to help someone who is searching for exactly what you have to offer. I’d prefer if people actively were searching for the products that I offer.

The ultimate decluttering

If you’re a business owner, you always want to focus on the thing that matters the most. You don’t want your thoughts scattered all over the place. We all use social media, but do we have to use all the platforms there is? I don’t think so. The beauty of the variety of platforms is that everyone gets to choose the platforms that best suit their needs. With a private Facebook account + a Facebook page for my business I just had more stuff on my plate. I constantly felt bad about not posting frequently enough. Because I just wasn’t interested in posting on Facebook. With that out of the way I feel that I can breathe a little and as they say: out of sight out of mind.

It’s too early to predict the future consequences, but as of right now I feel more light and at ease so that’s a start.

What about the other social media platforms?

I think it can be a clever thing to be on some social media platforms if you’re a business owner. But you have to choose the platform wisely and research if it is the optimal platform for your purposes. Get rid of the other ones.

It’s like keeping that shirt for too long in your closet even if you know you’re not going to wear it ever again. If you try it on once in a while, it’s itchy and belongs to the past. When you finally get rid of it, you have more space for something else to come into your life. And it’s probably something you won’t miss at all.

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