Lunar calendar 2021 for Goodnotes | Monthly | Weekly | Daily sheets

lunar calendar

Elegant, minimalistic calendar for the year of 2021. Plan with style and keep track of the lunar cycles during the year.

The calendar is hyperlinked pdf which makes it perfect for downloading into your favorite note taking app like Goodnotes.

Weeks start on Sunday or Monday depending on what country you live in. In this download you get calendars for both options, so you can choose according to what you’re used to.

Sheets included in the calendar:

  • Index sheet (hyperlinked to all the other sheets)
  • 2021 Moon phases overview
  • Monthly sheets jan-dec 2021
  • Weekly template including space for a weekly highlight
  • Daily template including space for a daily highlight

Size: A4
Document type: multi-page pdf
Color settings: CMYK
Landscape mode only

You will get instant access to the calendar in your inbox once the purchase is completed.

Payment via PayPal.