Fall asleep in seconds with this hindu monk’s advice

Do you struggle with your sleep patterns every night? Do you have trouble falling asleep?

According to the hindu monk Dandapani, the sleeping problems that millions of people suffer from is dependant on the fact that we never learn how to fall asleep.

You might object and say that this is something we just know how to do. Like breathing. And the problem isn’t that you don’t know how to fall asleep; the problem is how t orelax your mind enough to be able to fall asleep. 

But think of it this way: Can you pinpoint a time in your past that you actually learned the skill of falling asleep? I bet you can’t. Most of us haven’t had teachers that taught us something that seems so obvious. But it’s not obvious at all. If it was, how come people struggle with it? 

Do we really need to learn how to fall asleep? 

“What do you mean” you might ask. “Isn’t falling asleep the most natural thing for every living creature?” Yes, in a sense it is of course. But also: every living creature doesn’t know how to constantly worry about things. We humans tend to know how to do that. 

Practice falling asleep

Dandapani lived ten years in a monastery, and ever night he and the fellow monks practiced falling asleep. Every night. This was a part of their training.

When you’re lying in bed, close your eyes and visualize your nervous system as an intricate pattern of strings and threads spread out all around your body. Some of them are thick, and some are thin. Visualize it vividly so that you have a clear image of your whole body as a system of nerves.

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Visualize  the energy

Now visualize your nervous system as a system of energy. Visualize that there is nothing but this energy system. All the threads floating in space. Imagine that there is nothing in the entire universe but this system, consisting of this highly advanced patterns of energetic strings and threads. 


Start to become conscious of your breathing. Take a few deep breaths. Visualize the breaths as light coming into the system. Feel that every breath nourishes your nervous system.. Imagine that your breaths are like a flood in a dried out river. Your breath fills it with new vitality and life. 

Pull the energy back to your spine

Now with every inhale, start to imagine the energy from the ends of your nerves and start to draw the energy in towards the spine and your chakra system with every inhale. (This is where we want to store our energy to get a good night’s sleep, according to Dandapani.) 

When you exhale, visualize how the energy “settles” like a web of spinning energetic vibrations around and inside your spine.
Visualize your spine becoming more and more filled with light. 
With practice it takes only a few breaths for you to fall asleep with this visualization technique. 

The interview with Dandapani

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