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Find your life purpose (the easy way)

Finding your life purpose can be a hard thing.

Do you struggle trying to figure out what to do with your life? Trying to align yourself with your life purpose? How come some people just seem to know exactly what they want? These people seem to do the right thing and make the right choices all the time. Everything they do seem to get them closer to their purpose. And here you are, trying to figure out what to do with your life.

If you were taught from a young age that life is a struggle, you might still cling on to that belief. In many ways life can be a struggle of course. But even if it can be hard sometimes, you have to learn how to choose from another perspective.

If you worry about everything, chances are you are pulled out of your path towards finding your purpose instead of coming closer to it.

Find your life purpose

1. Stop worrying and start wanting

Visualizing is a powerful tool, but most people don’t realize what a magnificent tool they have (and for free, too!) Either they don’t believe that it is going to work and they are wasting their time, or they do believe in it, they just don’t think that the tool is for them. The one thing people are doing wrong when it comes to visualizing, is that they don’t really believe in it. They worry about that what they wish for might not come true, or they even imagine worst case scenarios. But what is worrying? Worrying is concentrating  all your energy towards something you absolutely don’t want to happen. Don’t waste energy on this. This is not what you want.

If you really want to come closer to your life purpose, you must apply this mindset: you have to KNOW that you already are in possession of what you desire. You have to stop worrying about how you are going to get there. This is how most people fail. They put worry into the mixture when they try to visualize things they want, which really is like adding a teaspoon of poison to an otherwise refreshing beverage. You won’t be able to enjoy the bitter drink, and it can even be dangerous to drink it. So don’t do that.

You must stop worrying and start appreciating what you already have. I know this might sound hard to accomplish but I promise it will be worth it when you let the worries go and start focusing on what you do want.

How to stop worrying

But what if you can’t stop worrying? You can’t really help it if you worry about something, do you? It just nags the back of your brain all the time and you can’t find a way to release yourself from the feeling that it might not work out the way you want. A simple exercise to do is to just notice the thoughts. See your worrying thought as a little child that wants your attention. Acknowledge it and say “I hear you. No go play over there.”

Use your energy in the right way

The thing is that when you worry about something, you use the same amount of energy as when you are visualizing something you want. Your brain doesn’t differentiate between good and bad, it just processes the information you handle to it. So you might as well feed it with information that is beneficial to you. But how do you do that? This is how:

2. Choose wonder over worry

We all have a choice in every given situation. In his book The Spontaneous fulfillment of Desire Deepak Chopra writes: always choose wonder over bitterness. When you start putting this into action it really works wonders. But how can you choose wonder when your life is not that wondrous?

If you study small children you will soon see that they don’t have an ounce of bitterness. Sure they can be sad and unsatisfied, but that is not the same as being bitter. Remember the poison I mentioned? A child doesn’t know the concept of bitterness. It always sees the wonder in life. Everything is new for the child, and everything is as miraculous as anything else. You can learn a lot from this.

Maybe you were brought up in a bitter and sarcastic environment, which shaped you to be a bitter or sad person. But try to remember: You once were a small child who saw wonder in everything. A bee, the autumn leaves. The clouds. Everything. The thing is to try to reconnect with that small inner child (or Artist, as Julia Cameron, the writer of The Artist’s Way likes to call it) What would your inner child do? Believe me when I say that the child always knows what to do in every situation. It chooses wonder by default. So just trust yourself in this, and truly and honestly ask yourself what your inner child would answer. In this way, every choice you make is going to get you closer to your life purpose.

A word of warning

Don’t let your fear come in your way when you do this exercise. Oftentimes you know what the best option is for you, but you don’t always follow the answer. If you live in an unhealthy relationship for example, you might act out of fear and worry instead of choosing wonder, trying to convince yourself that staying with a toxic person is your best or even your only choice. Or maybe your job drains you of all your energy. But you need the paycheck. Don’t fool yourself. You have to ask yourself if you make this particular choice out of fear of something else.

If this is the case you might have a longer way to go and you have to put more effort into your practice. Maybe you realize you suffer from low self esteem, and resent your parents for not being there for you when you were a small child. But don’t let that pull you down. Instead, realize the wondrous fact that this insight will help you on your way in life if you are ready to work for it. But if you choose wonder over bitterness you also practice gratitude which is a crucial thing if you want to succeed in your path towards finding your life purpose.

3. Practice every day to get closer to your purpose

This is the fun part! Now you can start to experience your life purpose unfolding before your very eyes. Sometimes it’s almost magical. What happens when you choose wonder over bitterness and worry, is that you align yourself to your life purpose every single time you make a choice.

It can be the smallest thing as well as the big life choices. Everything that helps you to get in tune with the wonders of being alive. It’s really simple.

Another thing I encourage you to do is to take ten minutes every evening and log the situations during the day that you managed to choose wonder over worry and bitterness. Celebrate every success. Even the small choices count, since they help you to choose wisely in the future as well.

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