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Happy money – what it is and why you want to adopt this abundance mindset

What is happy money?

Have you ever heard about “Happy money”? Today we’re going to discuss this exiting idea and how you can use the technique to attract abundance in your own life.

Happy money is a concept invented by the lovely japanese “Zen millionaire” Ken Honda. The idea is that you want to establish a good and healthy relationship with your money, much like the way you would with a person.

If money was a person, and your relationship with that person

The next step is to picture money as a person. If it were, who would you picture it to be? Would you be friends with it? Is it a nice person in your life or is it someone who always gets you in trouble?

If the relationship with your money doesn’t work today, what do you think is the reason for that?

When you ask yourself these questions, you can help yourself to better your relationship with money. How was the relationship with money in your family when you grew up?

Money IQ vs. EQ

Ken Honda also speaks about money IQ vs. money EQ. He was always so surprised that really smart and highly intelligent people sometimes make such stupid decisions when it comes to money. And when he researched this further, he came up with the theory that these people had a very high money IQ but lacked in money EQ, the emotional connection to money. That’s why it is important to cultivate a healthy relationship with money.

You can do this the same way you cultivate any relationship.

What is your relationship with money?

If you could say that you have a relationship with money, what would it be like? This exercise is really good to do thoroughly, so I encourage you to do so. Oftentimes when you do an exercise like this you will get in touch with old belief systems that were implanted into you when you were a small child.

When you do this exercise, statements like “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “We can’t afford that”, might translate to “We’re not good enough to hang out with this person”.

Instead invite money as a guest in your house with different statements, such as: “Money is always welcome in my house.” “I love money.”

Arigato money

As you might know, “arigato” is the japanese word for thank you. During his training with his mentor, Ken Honda learned this powerful technique. When you receive as well as when you pay for something, the idea is that you appreciate your money and what it does for you. You “arigato” your money. Everyone wants to be appreciated, and so is money as well. So if you show it that you are thankful for its contribution to your life every time you pay for something, the idea is that money as an energy flows much more easily.

Money as ice, water and air

According to Ken Honda, you can see money in different kinds of ways. And the way you see money tells a lot about your relationship to it and how your mindset is on abundance and scarcity as a whole.

The way Ken Honda sees it is that you can view money in 3 ways: as ice, as water or as air.

When you view money as ice, there is a solidness to it, and if you move it from one place it isn’t going to be replaced. The second way is more of a flow; if money flows out, it can easily be replaced by new water, since water naturally flows into cracks and cavities. But the third way and the way Ken Honda recommends you start seeing your money, is as air. You don’t crave air if you have it, right? And most of us do. So unless you’re suffocating, you quite naturally breath. In-out, in-out.

This breath is so natural that we don’t even think about it. But according to Ken Honda, if we start to gain awareness of how our money flows in-out, in-out, just like a breath, we can see it as a natural part of being alive and well.

An exercise to help you get in “the zone” is to sit in meditation and breathe consciously in-out, in-out and visualize your money coming into your life and exhale out of rout life. As soon as you have exhaled, you can just breathe in whenever you want. See the relationship between in and out. You wouldn’t be able to only breathe in (just receive money) without breathing out in same amount of times. Every inhale and exhale are dependent of each other.

See money as happy pets instead of grumpy monsters

Many of us have been raised with the idea that money is “the root of all evil” and beliefs like such. But what if we take that old monster out of the closet and replace it with a cute little pet instead? Ken Honda speaks of his money like cute pets, and when he pays for something he always has this funny little phrase that he says to the money:

“Go out in the world and play, and come back with your friends!”

Fill your container

Another thing that Ken Honda shares is the idea of filling your container. What is that, you might ask. Your container is your ability to receive. And this might take some practice. A scarcity mindset often goes hand in hand with not being able to receive a compliment for example.

The greater your ability to receive, the bigger your container. So practice every day to feel worthy of receiving in order to expand your container and fill it with more money, happiness and joy.

Do you have happy money in your wallet and in your bank account?

Now the big question goes to you: Do you have happy money in your wallet and in your bank account?

Exercise: During the next week, try to close your eyes and send a big “thank you” (arigato) to your money whenever you’re paying for something or whenever you receive money.

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