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9 benefits of being an INFJ

INFJ – The rarest personality type

If you are an INFJ it can be hard to understand who you are in this world. You’re the rarest personality type in the MTBI, and that’s not always easy.

Maybe you’ve always felt a bit odd. That’s not surprising. The INFJ personality type is represented by only 1% of the population.

It’s not that INFJs don’t love people. They do, they just don’t need them to be around all the time. INFJs can get exhausted before they even had a chance to have their first coffee yet, let alone hang out with people.

Use your INFJ superpowers

As an introvert and especially an INFJ you have extraodinary skills that extroverts don’t usually have. Even if you feel like you don’t fit in, you have extravagant super powers due to your personality type.

In this article we’re going to examine what you can do to tune into the super powers you naturally possess.

9 benefits of being an INFJ

1. You are always among top quality friends

INFJs tend to choose their friends carefully and stick to them no matter what. A couple of close friends is more than enough for the INFJ and they don’t want their life being crowded by people that don’t matter that much to them.

Even if you may not have a huge circle of friends, the friends you have are ones that you picked out because of their unique qualities. INFJs have a master’s degree in picking true friends who really adds depth into their lives, and they refine that skill over time as well.

2. You’re super observant

Have you ever come across the feeling that you know what people are going to say before they say it? Being an INFJ you can tune into people’s feelings and oftentimes it’s a riddle for you that they don’t realize what’s best for them. You seem to have a natural talent for reading people like an open book.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that everyone is the same, though. Since you are one of the few to possess this super observational skill, it can be tempting to think that everyone else is able to read you as well. That might be one of the reasons you feel that you want to hide your feelings as an introvert. Well, oftentimes that’s not the case since most people don’t have the fine-tuned people-reading-skills that you do.

3. You’re a good listener

Your mastery in reading people has most certainly developed into you being a good listener as well. Combined with tip 1 on this list, it will make you a superhuman when it comes to getting to know the true heart of people. It’s not a coincidence that many psychologists are introvert INFJs! There’s a saying that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

4. You have writing skills worthy of a Nobel Prize winner

Do you stumble on your words when you’re forced to speak in public? Do you scan your phone calls so you can rehearse what you’re going to say when you eventually call back?

Don’t worry. There is still a good chance that you’re a genius when it comes to writing.

Many INFJs make writing their career choice. This is no coincidence, since they’re often analytical by nature, and to write their thoughts down also gets the thoughts in order which is quite satisfying for the INFJ.

Writing is a part of any job nowadays, and oftentimes you find yourself light years ahead of your colleagues when it comes to writing. Even a simple email is crafted into perfection.

5. You’re a talented artist

If you’re an introvert you might have created your internal world since you were a small child. In order to invite other people to participate in this world you might want to express your feelings through art. Whether it is painting, music, writing, dance or something else, chances are you’re able to master your art to perfection.

6. You can concentrate for long periods of time

In a world of multitasking and extroverted lifestyle this is a super skill for sure. When you commit to a task, you take it easy, and do it properly until it’s done. Meanwhile your extroverted colleagues are switching between tasks resulting in getting none of them done, checking their Facebook, having a snack and trying to look super busy while doing it.

You on the other hand manage to stick to one task at a time, which in the end is resulting in you getting the shit done and heading home way earlier than everybody else.

You can now look forward to a steaming cup of tea and reading a book in one sitting due to your concentration skills. This of course will result in your personal growth as well. Introverts have a tendency to be curious by nature, and your ability to concentrate for long periods of time will serve you well in your study of the world literature classics. If you have a special interest, this skill is also beneficial for you as an INFJ since you have a tendency to lose yourself in this interest until you are an expert.

Well done, my friend!

7. You love your own company

Do you ever come home after a long work day, thinking “oh, finally I can slip into my comfy sweats and lie down in bed with my book” or “I really need to recharge for an hour before I can start talking to my family members”.

You just need some “me time” to recharge your batteries. It can be super exhausting to get through the day if you work at a noisy place, so you really need that alone time for a while.

This means that you can easily entertain yourself for hours as long as you have a book, an animal nearby and wifi connection. You don’t need a lot of attention to be satisfied in life.

8. You can start your own “intropreneur” business

We have been taught to think that if you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to be an extrovert type of person. Well, I’ve got good news for you. There are so many career choices suitable for you as an INFJ. The blogging community for example is filled with people whose super power is to write and write well.

If you want to be an entrepreneur but still hold limiting beliefs that you can’t because you have to be super chit chatty, think again. There are lots of bloggers are making a living blogging. And it’s a good way to network as well if you are an introvert.

If you want to start your business but are afraid that the networking part is too scary for you, the internet is the best place to hang out with others!

9. Your dark humor

Introverts and especially INFJs are masters of hiding their true feelings, but once they feel safe enough they will open up and crack a joke. And that is well worth the wait. When an INFJ cracks a joke, it’s often dark and really, really sarcastic in the most elegant way imaginable.

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