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6 ways to fight your inner demons

The inner demons

Do you have the feeling that nothing ever goes your way? You miss an opportunity, everything seems to fall apart around you. You now the feeling. Your inner demons surely know how to set up traps for you over and over again. But it requires hard work to break this pattern.

6 ways to fight your inner demons

1. Make an inventory of your inner demons

So you know about demons, right? They dwell way down underground, and they only enter the surface when it’s dark. To find your inner demons in the first place you will have to get ready to start digging in your past, and search for ways your behaviour gets in your way.

Emotions  help you reveal the inner demons:

  • Inner demons love shame. Get rid of the shame you hold in your body. If you feel ashamed of yourself, you have a clue right there that this might be what’s holding you back.  Ask yourself: How is this thought helping me? Why do I allow myself to feel this way? Am I really the one thinking this thought, or is it someone else? (You might discover that your thought patterns aren’t yours at all, but your parent’s thoughts that you inherited.)
  • Look for situations when you feel jealous. This is often a key to an inner demon. Ask yourself why you feel jealous and track the situations when you feel jealous. This can provide you with helpful insights over time.
  • Do you feel worthless? Your inner critic is an inner demon that can easily gain too much power if you let it.
  • Do you have an addiction? It can be anything from alcohol or other substances, to sex, work or something else. Try to be honest with yourself. This is a hard one, but if you start to honestly contemplate this, you can start to get some serious results.
  • Do you have any obsessive behaviours? This is a powerful key to finding some of your demons. Obsessive behaviour is oftentimes some locked in trauma that needs to be dealt with before you can start to make progress.

2. Take a look at your inner critic

If you want a hint on where to start looking for your inner demons, one way to go is to start observing  your inner critic. What do you judge and criticize? If you dislike that person so much, take a step back and ask yourself: What is it about that person that I dislike?

Make a list of:

  • people and their behaviours you dislike
  • music you don’t like
  • literature or other things you read
  • disturbing feelings within you
  • things about yourself you don’t like

Just be aware of these things without trying to judge them. Eventually you can start to forgive them. Inner demons love to feast on things you hate, so if you start to reduce that hatred, there is no reason for the demons to be there anymore.

3. Live mindfully

  • Mindfulness exercise: Sit for 5-10 minutes and take in the sensations around you. Scan your body. See if you can find any tension somewhere.
  • Start to notice your feelings. Pay attention to them, and try to abserve them without judging them. Are you angry/sad/nervous etc? Just notice how it feels as a sensation in your body, and stay in that moment. Don’t criticize or judge. Just be.

4. Take a walk down memory lane.

Do you blame your upbringing every time something bad happens to you? This is one of your inner demons holding you back right there. Even if it is painful, you have to go there, for a visit so to speak, to be able to cure and heal the wounds that were created way back, perhaps when you were a small child.

If you know you had an abusive upbringing, you have to start there even if it hurts. Let’s say you drink or eat too much. Why do you feel the need to overconsume? Is it just for recreation, or is it because you want to hide away feelings that are too painful to deal with?

5. Ask questions and search for the answer inside you

  • Ask some serious questions. Why are you the way you are? What events in your childhood made you the way you are today? What triggers you? Why are you triggered by certain people or topics? What makes you sad, angry, happy?
  • You already have all the answers inside of you. The trick is to ask the right questions to find out what the answer is. But how do you know if you ask the right questions then?
  • Meditation: You can do this in a variety of ways and there are many different techniques you can apply. But it doesn’t have to be so complicated. It can be a nice walk out in nature.
  • Write a journal: I can’t stress this enough. A journal can be a life saver for you if you struggle with your inner demons. Start to ask any kinds of questions, and you will be stunned at how many answers you intuitively come up with.

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6. Exercise to get rid of the inner demons

To work your body is a great way to get rid of negative thoughts.

  • Regular exercise releases endorphines in your body, and helps you to start forming new thought patterns.
  • Yoga practice helps you to get into a more meditative state. Many of the yoga postures are also designed to help you release tensions in your body.
  • Take a power walk or go for a run! Preferably in nature. This is a proven method to help battle anxiety, depression and stress. As you walk, start to ask those questions again and contemplate the answers. You will reveal so much about yourself.
  • Make it a habit to exercise every day. It doesn’t have to be that challenging. A nice half hour walk will do fine.

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