4 Intuitive drawing exercises to help you relax and release stress & anxiety

In today’s article we’re going to discuss intuitive drawing, and I will show you 4 exercises to help you get started with intuitive drawing. It’s a great morning meditation if you’re into journaling.

Drawing intuitively means that you don’t have a plan for your drawing. Just let your mind wander and let your pen follow along. Don’t worry about perfection. the point with these exercises is not to create a masterpiece but rather to explore and experiment on the page.

Intuitive drawing, meditation & flow

Intuitive drawing is a way to meditate and let your pen go where it wants. Just as you would observe your thoughts during a meditation session, the same goes with intuitive drawing where you just let the pen draw the lines and you observe without judging.

If you want you can start your drawing sessions with a short meditation, which calms your mind and helps you get in to the intuitive flowstate. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. Then let your thoughts come and go, and observe them.

“Neurographic art”

This exercise is proved to calm your mind and even create new neurons in your brain. It’s inspired by the Neurographic art method.

Start by drawing some wiggly lines all across the page:

Draw some wiggly lines across the page

Continue by smoothening the intersections a bit and fill out:

Smoothen the intersections

“Scribbly lines”

Draw some arbitrary lines and see if you can detect some shapes within the lines. Think back to when you were a child and looked up at the clouds. You could see all kinds of shapes, animals etc. This exercise is a way to re-live that feeling.

“Wave tracing”

This is a super relaxing exercise that can help you in your meditation. Since you you just trace the lines, you can easily get into the meditative state with an exercise like this.

Draw some wiggly lines across the page and trace the lines with other lines. Experiment with watercolor, acrylics and markers to spice it up. If you want you can experiment with shadows as well.


In this exercise you let your pen go wherever it wants into these corral like patterns. Experiment and explore! With some practice you can fill out an entire page. Color it as well if you feel like it.

Intuitive Coral pattern

It’s the journey, not the destination

With practice you can easily get into flow with intuitive drawing. Experiment and explore different patterns and shapes as you go. Remember: the point is not to make a masterpiece, but to help you relax and more easily get into the flow state.

Experiment with the coloring as well, as this adds to the experience.

That’s all for now. Good luck!

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