3 powerful methods to help you let go

Do you have problems to let go of worries and problems in your life? I know I do from time to time. Somehow you just can’t stop thinking about what bothers you. Hello sleep deprivation! Sometimes you hold on to those issues so tightly and have for so long that you can’t even imagine how your life would be without them. Simultaneously, you beat yourself up for holding on to those issues in the first place.

The techniques I want to share with you today serve different purposes depending on what you want to leave behind in order to move forward in your life. The techniques are quite simple, but that doesn’t mean that they are easy. If you have followed this blog you know that I often share methods and techniques that are simple at first glance, but hard to embody since they require quite a lot of work on your behalf. That being said, let’s get started!

The Three Step Technique

I don’t actually know what this technique is called but I want to give credits to Bob Proctor who taught it to me. Here I call it the Three Step Technique, and it goes like this:

  1. If anything happens, it is what it is. Accept it. It’s either going to control you, or you control it. 
    It’s crucial that you understand and dig deep into this. It can be hard to accept if something bad has happened to you. If you have been abused as a child, for example. A good way towards accepting what is, is to meditate or to write morning pages. If you haven’t checked out Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way I highly recommend you do. This method alone can help you to accept things that has happened in the past.
  2. Harvest the good. The more you look for it, the more you are going to find.
    What lessons can be learned from this situation? There are always lessons that can help you to cultivate a more loving and positive attitude to the world.
  3. Forgive the rest. Let go and completely abandon.
    Let go of the things that aren’t no longer serving you any purpose.

The Sedona Method

The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin.  is a method that helps you to decide where in the process you are with an issue. It is also a simple, three step method and done right it can help you resolve a lot of issues. Focus on an issue that you want to be resolved. Try to allow the feelings that arises from this. Let them be there. Now ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Could I let go of this?
  2. Would I let go?
  3. When?

If you want you can make a daily habit out of this and incorporate the Sedona method into your morning ritual.

The Tapping Method

This is probably the method I use the most on a daily basis.

It’s so beneficial, and I can strongly recommend that you try it out. I have done this for quite a while, and it really helps me if I want to let go of certain issues in my life. It helps relieve both stress, pain and worries and helps you to let go limiting beliefs. As an anxious introvert, it’s nice to have a technique that you can rely on. When anxiety starts to emerge, this is the method I mostly use.

If you want you can also check out the book The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living which will give you a more in-depth explanation of the method.

3 powerful methods to help you let go

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