Spark your 2021 with a lunar calendar!

Women have been relying on the moon since forever and ever. In old times, witches planned their spells, sowing and harvest according to the lunation.

Today’s women are perhaps a bit more reliant on other things than the moon to plan their days and weeks, like a tight schedule to make things work out the way you want throughout your work day.

Going back to the roots

Unless you’re a pagan, you might not have that much contact with the moon and its phases. But if you’re a woman and you have your monthly bleeding I would encourage you to take a look into it anyway, since the moon and your body are intimately connected:

  1. The moon typically has 13 lunations during a year. You have 13 periods.
  2. Your body and the moon are in tune with each other, and a cycle for both lasts 28 days.
  3. Many people, and women especially, find that they are affected by the full moon and get their eating and sleeping patterns distorted. (There are actually some evidence of this, so it isn’t just superstitious nonsense!)

Be a little witchy!

Regardless if you’re a witch or not, it can be a good idea to tune into the moon and what it wants to say to you. It is said that the moonbeams are good for your overall wellbeing and that they provide beautiful light and energy frequencies if you take a “moon bath” during the night.

But you don’t have to become a witch and bask in moonlight all night to reap the benefits of the moon. (If you don’t want to of course. Then by all means, go all in!)

Since I’m living in the northern hemisphere and the nights tend to get quite cold during winter time, I don’t take that many moon baths during winter. But I encourage you to take a few minutes to gaze at the moon during a starry night. This is a mindfulness practice that anyone can do. It helps you connect with nature in a most delightful way, and you feel more grounded and connected once you’ve taken a moon bath.

Get started with a lunar calendar

  1. Find out the moon phases of the year. There are lots of free resources around the web where you can download a calendar with the moon phases. I use
  2. Plan your month accordingly. As you might know, you have phases during the month just like the moon. If you can plan your schedule a bit so it will match the moon phases, that is the best thing. For example: Don’t book important meetings when PMS is coming up, if you can avoid it.

This might seem obvious, but oftentimes we don’t think ahead and make ourselves available anyway. If you have the possibility, book time in your calendar for self care this time of the month.

Planner for your lunar year of 2021

lunar calendar

To kickstart your 2021 I have created a minimalistic lunar calendar with monthly, weekly and daily pages to keep you focused. The calendar is a printable digital download pdf, and it is also hyperlinked in order for you to use it with your favorite note taking app such as Goodnotes.

The planner contains:
* Overview page with links to the different sections
*Moon phases of the year
*Yearly overview with links to the months.
*Monthly spreads jan-dec
*Weekly spreads with a weekly highlight
*Daily sheet with a daily highlight and Big Three to keep you focused

The lunar calendar is available in the SHOP

I hope you will find this lunar calendar an enjoyable tool for your conscious planning!

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