How to take care of your mind garden

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I’ve always loved to walk around in a beautiful park or garden. The feeling when you walk around among all the flowers and trees that are planted there, and watch the birds take a bath in a pond.

A while ago, I got this idea that a garden or park isn’t so different from our own minds. We plant what we want, and everything grows as easily as anything else as long as we water and nourish it.

Crops and weeds

What do you want to plant in your mind garden? You want to be very careful with what you allow in there. According to the law of attraction, whatever you put your attention to and nourish will grow. Just like any plant. If the conditions are right for a plant to grow, it will grow. And the same goes with your thoughts.

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What if you already have a garden full of weeds? Then what? Well, then you have a great deal of work ahead of you. Maybe you even inherited your mind garden (i.e. thoughts, feelings, beliefs) from your parents or your ancestors. Then you really have to start working with pulling out those weeds that have been there for decades or in other cases even centuries.

Let go of old beliefs and triggers

Old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you have no place in your beautiful garden. You want to walk around in it with ease, not have to worry that you might step on a thistle.

To get rid of your old thistles, my best advice for you is to track the things that trigger you. I have found this method very helpful when I work on my inner landscape. Whatever triggers you during the day, acknowledge it and be aware that the trigger is there. Write it down if you want. I have a powerful method that you can use if you want, and I’ve written about it here:

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Plant useful flowers and vegetables instead of weeds

When you’ve done an inventory research of what thoughts, beliefs and emotions your inner garden contains, it’s time to get to work with planting new ones.

How do you decide which plants are useful for you and which aren’t? That isn’t always so easy. For example, you might think that it’s always a good thing if you get to say what’s on your mind. But is it though? Sometimes you might be so caught up in what you want to say that you miss what someone else is trying to say. Search deeply within yourself and you will find the answer there.

Let’s say you have a belief that you can’t earn lots of money. The first thing you want to do is to trace that belief back to it’s origin. Maybe it was your grandmother that had a tough time, and she accidentally implanted those beliefs on to you decades ago. When you find the roots of those weeds you can more easily uproot them and start to plant in new, healthy beliefs and act accordingly.

Nourish your new beliefs

When you’ve planted in some new beliefs, it’s time to start nourishing them. Look at how the people you admire do and mimic them for a while. Incorporate their beliefs and actions as a new habit For yourself and start to live and act according to the new belief. With a habit you can start to be as if it is already your reality.

Let’s say you always thought that you couldn’t lose weight, and you tracked that belief back to your mother who always mocked on overweight people. Now that you know this belief isn’t even your own to begin with but your mother’s, you can start to live and act according to your new belief (that you are a healthy person that can eat whatever you want without feeling guilty for example) Be the new healthy version of yourself. What would you do if you already were that kind of person? Would you go to the gym? Eat healthier? Plant these new habits in your garden and you will see that it will flower in no time.