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How I converted my sleeping hours into a successful intention tool

The intentional dream

When I woke up one morning a while ago I had the most amazing feeling. I felt grateful, and I was smiling, still half way in my sleep.

I woke up from a dream that was kind of surreal, like most dreams are. They make no sense most of the time. But almost always when you wake up from a dream, you are left with the vibe of the dream that might stick to you for the rest of the day.

Often I don’t even remember my dreams, but the feeling sticks to me. The vibration of the dream is vivid.

In this particular dream I saw this family with their newborn child. Two siblings and the parents stood gathered around the baby. Suddenly the family started to sing to the newborn child. I teared up, listening to their delicate, almost angelic voices. Then I woke up, and I could still hear the lovely singing, and I was filled with this feeling of longing and gratitude.

What a great way to start your day!

During breakfast that got me thinking.

What if this dream is going to stick to me and help me to have this feeling of gratitude and bliss through the day?

What if we could dream on purpose and kind of convert the vibes of the dreams we have to our reality? We all know that our dreams are a way for us to handle things that we have experienced during the day.

What if we could set intentions before we go to sleep and dream intentionally about the things we want to manifest in our reality?

Sleeping as a law of attraction tool

Being the statistics and planner nerd that I am, I keep a journal on where I spend the 24 hours a day that I have. How many hours I spend on blogging, sleeping, working out, writing etc.

The sleep section is of course the biggest section. I colored it blue, and the blue color was just filling up so much space in the graph. Of course we have to sleep. There is nothing to do about that.

But it got me thinking: what if we could use those hours and make our brain work for us in our sleep to help us align with our purpose and higher self?

Eight hours of sleep a day makes 56 hours a week. 56 hours of potential self development time!

If you are into the law of attraction like me, chances are you already use some techniques to get your intentions to reach your subconscious. Dreams being the ultimate subconsciousness realm, wouldn’t it be great to be able to decide what to dream about (a.k.a. the intention that you are currently holding)?

But how are we going to make that happen? How do you convert your sleeping hours into an effective intention tool?

The strategy as I find it is quite simple. But just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s not going to involve som hard work.

Because that’s what this tool requires. A lot of rolling-up-your-sleeves-hard work. And you are the one that is going to have to do it to make it work.

Ok, here is how it goes:

how I converted my sleeping hours into a successful intention tool

1. Set the intention before you go to sleep

You have probably heard many times before that “you have to really SEE your goal before your eyes in order to let it manifest into your reality. This is so true, but you have to use your other senses as well. And when you are in that sleepy mode just before sleep kicks in, that’s when you can do it the best. When our brains operate in the alpha wave mode, that’s when we are in our most creative state.

Let that sleepy brain of yours really feel, taste, hear, smell and see your goal as you go deeper into sleep mode. It will do it almost automatically if you just set it in the right direction. Bring in as many senses as you can to really get into the zone.

Let me give you an example.

I want to get my book published. I visualize the release, I picture myself holding a copy of the book, I know what the book cover looks like. I see, touch and feel the book in my hands.

The next step is to see myself already being a published writer. I do this to build momentum. To be a writer has to be as normal for me as it is to breath. So I reflect on the thing that I already have in my ordinary life that aligns with that of a published writer. For example, I already write every day. This is what I will do once I become a writer as well. I observe people, which I figure is a huge part of being a writer.

Vizualize the not so fun parts too

If you are just starting out with experimenting with the law of attraction, it might be exiting to think about the new reality in which your intention has been manifested. And it IS exiting. But you have to see yourself already achieving your goal. The fun part of being a writer would be seeing people buying copies of my book and enjoying it. The not-so-fun part would be (or so I imagine) to have to put up with interviews and being exposed in other ways in front of strangers. But if I really want to be a famous bestselling author I need to see myself in that situation in order to be ready for it to happen. This is also going to be a part of my new reality, and that reality can only grow as much as I do.

This is why I don’t believe in people trying to picture themselves as “millionaires” with piles of money stacked on the living room table. That’s not what a millionaire would do. There’s a difference between being a millionaire and having a million dollars, and the difference in in the mindset.

2. Set the alarm clock to 3 AM

I know, this sounds crazy, but hear me out.

You want to get in a state where your brain operates in alpha waves. This is the frequency you need to get into your subconscious. It already starts to do this as you start to fall asleep.

Buddhist monks are known to always operate in this state, even during the hours when they are the most alert. But if you are a person living an ordinary life, you have to practice to get there on purpose.

When the alarm clock goes off, try not to nod off for the next five minutes. After that you can go back to that sweet sleep again. This enables your brain to start thinking in a dream like state and this is what you want. Try to come back to your intention again before you go to sleep. Chances are that this is what you are going to dream about when you fall asleep again.

Of course you shouldn’t do this if you suffer from insomnia or if you really need to get those 8 hours of sleep. There are other techniques that you can try instead if you have problems just falling asleep. For example this simple technique can help you fall asleep. But if you wake up in the middle of the night, you can always try to use the time you are awake by getting into your intention.

3. Get the intention into your dreams

When you notice that you start dreaming about glimpses of the new reality, you are starting to get momentum. Be open to what your dreams can mean, since they are kind of weird most of the time. Focus on how you feel when you wake up from a dream. This is a good sign that your intention is starting to manifest, and you should start to watch out for clues in your awaken reality.

Get a notebook and write down your dreams. Look forward to seeing this in your new reality. Welcome it with open arms.

Maybe you dreamt that you live in the new house that you intended, but the house was full of cracks. Don’t pay too much attention to the cracks right now, just notice the fact that you dreamt about the house. Now you can set the intention that you want to dream about the house again, this time without the cracks. The next time you dream about the house, you might notice that it is perfect, just as you imagined.

4. Notice small differences

If you see signs of your intention starting to manifest in any way, notice these and welcome them. Incorporate them into your visualization practice in the evening. You should welcome every small step towards shifting into your new reality.

5. Dedicate yourself to your intention

Create a ritual before you go to sleep to trigger the urge to manifest your intention. You have to see the new reality clearly and vividly. Believe it has already happened. And if you can just get your brain to function with those alpha waves, you will get there more quickly. This is why meditation is such a perfect tool to help you to manifest your intentions. Meditation runs on alpha waves. Ask any buddhist.

Bonus tip

If you are just in the beginning of your law of attraction practice, your goals can seem almost impossible to reach. Maybe you struggle with seeing yourself in your new reality. The gap between the vibration you’re currently holding and the one you have to start holding is too big.

If this is the case, try to take it down a notch. See the goal as clearly as you can, but also try to imagine the steps you need to take between the reality and your new one.

For example if you want to be a writer but can’t see yourself as one just yet, maybe the step is too big right now. Instead, see yourself sitting at your desk writing. Clearly you can imagine yourself doing that, right? And this is what a writer does as well. Soon enough you will be sitting by your desk, writing and thinking: “This wasn’t so hard. What’s the next step?”

Start to build momentum in the small steps, and stretch the comfort zone as you go along.

Soon enough that goal that seemed to hard to reach is just around the corner.

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