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5 life transforming books on personal development you should read this summer

Summer vacation and reading go hand in hand. With Kindle and all audiobook app options out there, it’s a no brainer to bring a ton of books with you. It doesn’t take up space if you read on your device, but if you read the old fashioned way, i.e. paper books, you can’t bring thousands of books with you.

That’s why I want to introduce a list of 5 really good books that I’ve read and wholeheartedly recommend. I’m not an affiliate of any kind, I just have found these books to be life transforming and If you implement the wisdom in the books you can live a richer and happier life.

Here’s the list:

  1. Spiral Dynamics – mastering values, leadership and change by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan.
    This book is an introduction to the model Spiral Dynamics which describes the evolutionary development of individuals, organizations and societies. This is a framework for understanding the underlying motives in all human affairs – why people interpret reality so differently, the value system that comes with different paradigms and understanding of the world. It is not the easiest book to read and the model can be challenging and even a bit triggering for some people. But if you discover where you’re at in this model it can be quite an enlightening experience to find out why you might have the value system that you have.
    Read the Wikipedia article about Spiral dynamics in here.
  2. Essentialism – the disciplined art of pursuing less by Greg McKeown
    This is the antidote to distraction, stretching yourself too thin and “busy tasks”. If you read this blog you know that I’m a huge supporter of minimalism and doing one thing at a time. But it’s often easier said than done. This book gives you tools on how to choose the most important thing, focus on that and ditch the rest. Less but better is the motto that comes with this book.
  3. The life changing magic of not giving a fuck by Sarah Knight
    I’ve talked about this book before, but it’s worth mentioning again. This wisdom written in a highly entertaining way has paved a lot of success for me, especially being an introvert who was afraid of saying no. To learn how to stop giving a f*ck about things you don’t care about is a serious life skill.
  4. The life changing magic of tidying up. The Japanese art of decluttering and organization
    If you haven’t read Marie Kondo’s book yet, it’s time to do so. The organization queen of all, introducing how to spark joy in your home and, as it turns out, in your mind and thoughts as well. Even if her famous Konmari method is a way to help organize your home in the first place, it’s no doubt about that it will also declutter your mind as a pleasant side effect. Tidy mind = tidy home.
  5. The Bullet Journal Method – track the past, order the present, design the future by Ryder Carroll
    I’ve recommended the method described in this book many times in the past, and it is the planning method I swear by. You can find so much information about the bullet journal method online, but if you want the origin, here it is. The basic minimalist approach that Ryder Carroll teaches is great if you’re just getting started with the bullet journal method. And quite frankly – if you haven’t started with the method yet, I’m a little bit jealous of you. You have so much fun ahead of you!
    Read my article on bullet journal collections here

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