Tag: digital planner

Invite PLAY into your calendar

Today I want to talk about something very serious, and that is PLAY. I truly believe that we are all creative beings, yet we don’t play as often as we used to when we were kids. Why is that? Studies show that play plays a significant role in a...

The ultimate guide to digital decluttering

Tell me if this is you: Are you overwhelmed every time you open your laptop and see all the files on the desktop? Is your phone cluttered with apps you don’t ever use? Do you have 10 or more tabs open when you browse the Internet? Have you downloaded...

Spark your 2021 with a lunar calendar!

Women have been relying on the moon since forever and ever. In old times, witches planned their spells, sowing and harvest according to the lunation. Today’s women are perhaps a bit more reliant on other things than the moon to plan their days and weeks, like a tight schedule...

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