The ABC method for your ideas

Today I want to do a quick comic type blog post on the importance of the ABC metod. We will also go through some tools that you can use to always be sure that you don’t lose a good idea.

Million dollar ideas between your ears

Napoleon Hill stated in his famous book Think and grow rich that we all have a goldmine between our ears. We just don’t think that idea we just came up with is worth so much more than a fun idea.

And 99% of all the brilliant ideas that pop up in peoples brains all the time go to waist because we didn’t do anything about it. Or even worse: we didn’t even remember it. How can we prevent this travesty from happening?

What is the ABC method?

To explain the ABC method, I drew a comic for you:

Always keep a notebook or (something else to capture your ideas) with you at all times. Even when you’re in the shower. Especially then, because many of our most brilliant ideas come to us as a flash of insight when we are in the shower!

Write a brain dump

When we feel relaxed, it’s much easier for the brain to help us to come up with new and fresh ideas. If you’re stressed or have a lot of things on your mind, you can start with a so called “Brain dump” sheet to empty your brain of distracting thoughts that come up.

When you think a thought, your brain is occupied with that thought. Let the thoughts that come to you be free from stress and worrying about what to make for dinner. If something comes up, simply thank the thought for coming to your awareness, and write it down for later. That way you won’t lose your thought and your brain can relax, assured that it will have the thought processed later.

Tools for the ABC method

Here are my favorite tools I use to capture my ideas. Use one or pick multiple ones if you need.

  • A simple notebook. I use Moleskines lovely books.
  • A note taking app. There are thousands. I use Google Keep for the most notes, and even Google Tasks to jot down what’s on my mind.
  • The voice recorder on your phone
  • The camera on your phone. Since I’ve developed laziness into an art form, I always use the camera to capture ideas.
  • Trello. This wonderful piece of software helps me capture my blog post ideas on the go.
  • Sticky notes. establish a small infrastructural change in your home and office, and place small piles of sticky notes and pens everywhere you normally are on a typical day. This way you can always be sure not to miss anything.
  • In worst case scenario: a ballpoint pen and the back of your hand. If you have a flash of insight before you get to a paper, please write it down, even if it makes you look stupid in the grocery line. Always, ALWAYS bring at least a pen with you so you won’t lose any precious ideas.

I hope this was a useful article for you!

If you want to read a more detailed article about the Brain Dump method, I’ve written about it here

The Sprint book by Jake Knapp

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