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What is abundance?

The word “abundance” is quite popular these days. The problem is that we oftentimes think that money is the only tool that we have at our disposal to achieve abundance. Today I am going to discuss what abundance really is, and we are also going to discuss why money is just one of many tools to achieve abundance.

5 types of abundance

There are actually 5 different types of abundance, where money is just one of them. But what most people don’t realize is that the other 4 are just as powerful. We have locked ourselves in a paradigm and a belief that money is much more important than the other four, but when we look into it, you will discover and unlock the true potentiality of the other four as well.

So what are the 5 types of abundance that I’m talking about?

  • Money
  • Gifts
  • Trade
  • Synchronicity
  • Imagination


Money is the most obvious sign of abundance in the paradigm that we live in today. With society’s emphasis on money and success, you can easily be lost and think that you have failed if you don’t have lots of money.

Luckily this is not the case.

Money is a great tool for achieving what you want. But it is certainly not the only tool. Many people on the planet today also have some serious limiting beliefs about money. Many of us think that we don’t have enough, and if only this, that and the other thing happened, THEN we could be happy.

The problem with holding this belief as a truth is that you get stuck in a paradigm and reality where that is the truth. You’re sending out a signal to the Universe that this is what you expect to be reflected back to you.

A way to get unstuck from this limiting belief about money is to truly and honestly dig deep into yourself. What limiting beliefs around money are holding you back?

I encourage you to take a look at your own beliefs, to see if they are holding you back. Make a bullet point list of your beliefs around money.

  • How was money discussed in your upbringing?
  • Do you think that the world is a zero sum game where there’s not enough for you?
  • Do you think that money “doesn’t grow on trees”?


The next tool for experiencing abundance is gifts.

One popular limiting belief that many people on the planet have around gifts, is that it has to be a thing to be called a gift. But if you expand a bit and think of everything you’re given every day that aren’t things, you can start to be truly grateful.

The more you appreciate the gifts that are in front of you all the time, the more you also signal out to the Universe that this is what you want more of in your experience.

The more you give, the more you receive

This concept is worth taking a closer look on. Feel into the the feeling and emotion of truly giving something from your heart. There is no self interest in that action, is it? To truly give something is a selfless act.

Recognize the experiences, talents and gifts that you are truly grateful for in your own life, and start to share those as much as you can. Are you great at giving advice? Do you have a beautiful smile? Energetically, these gifts are as valid as solid, physical things.


The next tool for experiencing abundance is trade. We all know what that means. The problem is that the paradigm we’re living in values trade a different way that the Universe does. Our ego mind doesn’t want to be tricked.

At a first glance, it can be quite tricky. When we think of trading, we think of something we do with physical objects (just like we think of gifts).

But on an energetic level trading is something completely different.


Now it’s time to dig into the more esoteric and mystical part of the abundance equation.

What is synchronicity really? And how do we use it to attract abundance in our lives?

The idea of synchronicity is that you can only experience that which you are a vibration of. What does this mean then? You are always emitting a vibrational frequency. That frequency has to resonate with the frequency of the experience you want to have in your life in order for it to appear.

Let’s say you want to leave your boring 9-5 job and live more freely as an illustrator. The trick here is to live and BE an illustrator before you are a full time illustrator yet.

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If more people knew how powerful their imagination really is. This might seem like somewhat of an airy-fairy thing for you if you see imagination as fantasyland. But actually it expands much further than that. The concept of imagination expands way beyond thought, and it has more to do with insight than with fantasy, which is what most people associate with imagination.

What many don’t think of is that imagination through visualization is a fantastic tool to achieve abundance in life. But the key is to try to visualize the experience you want as if it is happening in the now, and then take action on it the minute you feel inspired to do so.

An exercise to get into the abundance zone and change your life forever

This exercise can be done as many times you want, until you get it right. Take the time, energy and effort it takes to get it just the way you want it.

Start with pen and paper in your hand. Write this headline:

A mundane day in my perfect life

Now start to describe EXACTLY how this mundane day would be like for you. Describe every small experience you have through the day, as vividly and detailed as you can. What happens first thing when you wake up? What does the wallpaper in your bedroom look like? How does the day look like before lunch? Where and with who do you have lunch? How does the afternoon look like? Describe how a workday is for you this day.

The important thing is that you describe in PRESENT or PAST TENSE. This way you trick your brain to believe that it is already the case, and your subconscious will try to push you toward that direction.

Maybe your ego tries to hold you back: “Stop it. You’re living in a dreamland!” But I guarantee you it is not a dream. It is your future self, communicating to you how it is like to experience what you want to become.

Take action

Now is the next crucial step: to take action today towards that future self. It doesn’t have to be huge. Small action steps count. But do something every day.

When you have done the visualization writing exercise, read through and look for details that you might be able to use to take small action steps today.

Repeat and improve your vision multiple times. Rewrite this exercise as many times as you need. Every time you will get a more accurate vision of what it is that you really want.

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