100 journaling prompts for goal setting.

Today we’re going to talk about goal setting and journaling.
What does journaling and goal setting have to do with each other, you might ask. Well, as it turns out, quite a lot actually.

If you have read this blog before, you know that we talk a lot about getting into the flow state and living in the present moment. So at a first glance, goals (that take place in the future) and living in the now can seem contradictory. But it can be beneficial to always try to find the golden spot that pulls us towards our visions and intentions.

Oftentimes our goals and dreams is intimately connected to our beliefs and stories about the past. We might think that it’s impossible to reach a certain goal and tell ourselves all sorts of different excuses why it’s impossible. So some of the prompts below are meant to help you let go of past stories that no longer serve you in order to help you step into your best self.

So I’ve put together a list of 100 journaling prompts to help you get started with your goal setting, intention setting, visualization and manifestation. Enjoy!

  1. My mundane day in my perfect life
  2. Ten things I could tell my younger self (and ten things I think my future self would like to tell me)
  3. Who am I when I’m living my highest purpose?
  4. What sparks joy in my life?
  5. List of things that drains me of energy
  6. What have I learned through the past year?
  7. A bucket list
  8. How can I…[insert something you want to achieve]
  9. Contract with my higher self.
  10. A fuck it list = things you want to get rid of in your life
  11. In 5 years I will be…
  12. In 10 years I will be…
  13. In 20 years I will be…
  14. What I want to achieve during the next year
  15. Wish list of things I want to purchase
  16. When I’m a happy little millionaire, I will…
  17. How do I want to contribute to the world?
  18. Excuses I make for not starting on achieving my goal
  19. What is stopping me from achieving my goal
  20. Where I want to live
  21. Obstacles for achieving my goal
  22. Top 10 belongings I would rescue if there was a fire
  23. Thing I would pack in a bug-out-bag
  24. My ideal day
  25. My ideal week
  26. My ideal year
  27. I am so grateful for…
  28. This brings me joy every single day
  29. If I had unlimited amounts of money, I would…
  30. My goals today vs my future self
  31. What do I have to let go of to achieve my goal?
  32. What can I do every day to come closer to my goal?
  33. List of what I love to do every day
  34. Crafts I would love to explore
  35. How do I want people to remember me?
  36. People I can reach out to to help me achieve my goal
  37. My greatest passions in life
  38. List of my favorite food
  39. These are the steps I need to take to start following my dream
  40. How can I follow my highest joy every day?
  41. How to heal myself from childhood wounds
  42. Beliefs about money that I hold true
  43. How can I change my beliefs about money?
  44. Habits I want to get rid of
  45. New habits I want to start
  46. What is abundance?
  47. How can I help with small acts of kindness every day?
  48. I’m anxious about…
  49. This is how I want to do to forgive…[insert person you want to forgive]
  50. How am I being my most authentic self?
  51. These are the stories I tell myself
  52. My self care ritual
  53. People that inspire me
  54. Life lessons from last year that will help me get closer to my goal
  55. If I owned a business, this is what I would do
  56. In my business I want to accomplish…
  57. List of my goals for the next 90 days
  58. What did I dream of when I was a kid?
  59. My 3 most important goals in life
  60. My morning routine
  61. Health habits I want to start
  62. How is life different this year compared to last year?
  63. Creative projects I want to try
  64. This is what my future self looks like
  65. I forgive my past self for…
  66. 10 things I absolutely love about my life
  67. How would I describe myself to someone who hasn’t met me?
  68. The best things about being an introvert / extrovert
  69. 10 things I love about being a millionaire
  70. My dream home
  71. Hobbies I would love to try
  72. What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?
  73. My 5 best personality traits
  74. What would make me a dream business partner
  75. My 10 most valuable skills and how I can improve them
  76. 10 book I would recommend and why
  77. A letter to the author of my favorite book
  78. What makes me feel loved?
  79. My 3 biggest pet peeves and why
  80. This is how I spend my time
  81. Personality traits that I wish I had and how to get there
  82. My retirement plan
  83. My day-to-day activities and what I want to add/ get rid of
  84. If I could make any wish but only on behalf of someone else – what would it be?
  85. A mentor I want to have to help me achieve my goals
  86. Top 5 countries I would love to travel to / live in
  87. A list of my fears
  88. An action plan for overcoming my fears
  89. My dream career. Describe what it’s like
  90. What is missing from my life?
  91. How do I define sucess and how do I know when I get there?
  92. Every morning I want to…
  93. Top 10 books I want to read
  94. Top 10 stories I would love to write
  95. I am happiest when…
  96. This is what my inner child wants to do
  97. My daily action plan to achieve my #1 goal this year
  98. Positive things that happened today (or yesterday if you write in the morning)
  99. I hereby give myself the permission to rant about…
  100. My top 100 business ideas (don’t stop until you reach 100)

Ok there you have it!
As always, I highly encourage you to start journaling today if you haven’t already. I can’t stress enough how much it has helped me through the years.