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A simple solar plexus meditation practice

A visualization practice

Today I just want to share a quick solar plexus meditation practice with you which you can do however often you want and I recommend that you incorporate this meditation into your daily meditation practice, or if you just want to take a break you can do it for a couple of minutes by your desk at work. 

The solar plexus chakra is connected to our willpower and feeling of worthiness and safety. It is located in the solar plexus and one can envision it being the color yellow. 

Feelings of unworthiness is often connected to blockages in the solar plexus

Many of us suffer from feelings of unworthiness, and sometimes we can even feel pain in the solar plexus area if we worry or overthink things.

this meditation is a simple yet effective meditation and visualization practice to use on a daily basis if you have issues with feelings of unworthiness or if you just want to connect to love and joy in your daily life.

The meditation:

Close your eyes and ground yourself with a couple of conscious breaths. 
Visualize the area around your solar plexus. 
See it grow and breathe like a living organism. For every breath you take, see it expand and grow. 

Now, in the middle of this amoeba like organism, envision a treasure of gems and crystals. They sparkle in all kinds of different colors: opals, turquoises and aquamarines. Visualize these crystals made out of your love for the world. They are safe and you are safe. 

For every conscious breath you take you can envision your solar plexus expand further and further until it embraces the entire earth. All the beautiful colors alchemize the world and release it from sorrow. See that it all is you and your love and compassion is the reason for this alchemizing to occur. Feel the energy fill you with love and joy and let it spread over the world.

Come back into your body again and open your eyes. Feel the relaxation in your body and spirit.

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