Simplicity and zen

Zen and then some is a lifestyle blog about simplifying your life and live without distractions. The purpose of this blog is to inspire you to live a more fulfilling life. I share meditation tips,mindfulness practices and zen exercises to help you achieve a life of simplicity and joy. My mission is to help you clear out cluttered space and let beautiful experiences
enter your reality instead. My firm belief is that we are meant to be creative.

You will find a variety of methods that I hope will help you to live life more aligned to your inner creative forces.


Many people suffer from being introverts in a world that rewards extrovert expressions. If you are an introvert struggling to cope in this noisy world, this blog can be a valuable resource for you. I want to encourage introverts to be themselves at all times.

Planning and organizing

As a dedicated planner and Bullet Journalist, I  share my most useful planning tips and hacks with you so you can be as inspired and exited about planning as I am. My mission is to collect valuable resources and help you find planning systems that works for you.

Personal development

How can we invite new growth experiences into our lives? I’m a dedicated long-term practitioner of the law of attraction and study how this practice can help us create the best experiences in life.

In this blog I share the most valuable lessons I come across so you can benefit from them too. From time to time I will give you a book review if I read a book that I believe can help you on your self development journey.


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