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Create an art journal section in your bullet journal

If you keep a bullet journal, chances are that you’re a creative person already. In this blog post I want to give you some tools to tap into more of your creativity and artistic skills by starting an art journal spread in your bullet journal.

If you don’t think you’re the creative type, that’s ok. In this method you just draw whatever your intuition tells you. This specific art journaling technique is inspired by the zentangle method and the flow that this method provides. It’s an intuitive form of drawing, and suits the beginner as well as the more experienced artist.

Just go with the flow and you will see that you will be able to use this art journal as a way to get into mindfulness and flow every day.

Step by step art journaling

  • Step 1: Divide a new spread of your bullet journal into 30 or 31 sections (one for each day of the month). Do this in an intuitive and flowy way, or divide into squares, it’s up to you. I prefer the flow way since the end result tends to become more of a coherent artwork. But if you’re a beginner and want to try out different patterns, it can be a good thing to start out with a more structured layout.
  • Step 2: Fill out one section every day. You can do it in the morning during your morning routine, take a break in the middle of the day to just relax and get yourself into mindfulness mode or end your day with a drawing.
  • Step 3: See your artwork grow every day! There’s something magical about seeing something like this grow into a bigger artwork for every day. And the thing is, that when you have an art journal section going every month, you will also discover that you like certain patterns over others.
  • Try to go where your intuition wants to lead you and follow your joy on this one. You might discover a truly unique pattern that only you can draw. Many artists work this way and repeat a pattern again and again.
Start your art journal by dividing your spread into 30 sections.

If you want to learn more about how to explore your mind and get in touch with your intuition with intuitive drawing techniques, you want to check out zentangle patterns on google, pinterest etc. There’s a ton of resources out there for you to explore.

The thing I like most about the technique (besides that it helps your nervous system and soothes you if you suffer from anxiety) is that you don’t have to see the end result. It grows intuitively and the way you feel at the moment will reflect in your drawings.

Everything in art journaling is a learning opportunity

Another thing you can think of when doing your art journal is: try not to judge yourself if you get it “wrong”. There’s no right and wrong, but sometimes you set yourself up to learn a new pattern, and you just can’t figure it out. See it as your subconscious wanting to tell you to step out of the conventional thinking and get onto a different path. See the “mistakes” as learning opportunities!

In this blogpost I’ve written about intuitive drawing, which is a similar technique to this one.

I’ve also made a short video about how to start with your art journal which you can watch here:

Here’s the end result from last month’s art journal.

For more information on the zentangle technique, check out the founders website here!

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