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13 ways to reconnect with your creative inner child

Reconnect with your inner child so that you can start to spark your creativity

In today’s article I will share with you some helpful tips on how you can reconnect with your inner child so that you can reconnect with your creative aspect of yourself. It’s important that you do your inner child work for a consistent period of time, in order for it to work properly. Your inner child might have been neglected for years or decades, so you have to gain trust. When that happens you begin to spot miracles in your everyday life.

Your inner child = your intuition

Your inner child speaks in symbols and is highly intuitive. It is your primary creative source. This is where you want to be if you want to spark your creative forces. Your inner child is the one inside of you who knows how to play in an innocent and wonderous mode if you let it.

Here is how you do it:

1. Talk to you inner child.

Let it know that you acknowledge it and that you listen to it. Ask yourself what your inner child wants to do and do it.

2. Let your inner child be creative!

Let it create whatever it wants, even if you feel embarrassed or ridiculous while doing it. If your child wants to climb trees, then climb trees. If it wants to paint, then paint.

3. Schedule a meeting every week with your inner child.

I’m not kidding, this is very important. If someone wants to make an appointment during that time, tell them that you already have an appointment. This way you feel that it is important to spend time with your inner child.

4. Don’t do stuff that you think is neccessary or appropriate for you.

If you think that your inner child needs to be disciplined in any kind of way by reading books or not eating that ice cream, think again. Ask your heart what it wants to do. You will get answers if you listen closely.

If you want to make jewellery, knit pot holders or write a novel even though you never did it before and you’re afraid of how this will effect you, do it anyway. If it’s something your child wants to do, just do it.

5. Have an attitude of gratitude

Practice gratitude wherever you are. Your creative side will thank you for this. Try to see something to be grateful for in every situation. I’ve written a blog post about gratitude here.

Take your inner child out for a walk and collect as many things, experiences etc you can to put in your gratitude collection. See the world from a child’s perspective. Collect what you see.

6. Be consistent.

The more you start hanging out with your inner child, the more you will start to tap into your intuitive side so that you can heal yourself in different ways. Once a week is good, but the more the better. If you can’t scedule one hour a week, try to at least stay consistent with your meetings. Maybe it’s better for you if you take ten minutes of your time every day instead. Then do that. The point is to be consistent.

7. Take a walk down memory lane.

Think back to a time and place when you were hurt as a child. Visualize yourself as the grown person you are today reaching out to your younger self. Tell it that it is going to be okay. Hug it and assure it that it is always safe and that it’s not its fault that things happen the way they happen.

This is a powerful method to heal your inner child. Do this repetedely whenever needed.

8. Write a letter to your inner child.

Write everything you want to tell it. Everything you might be sorry for that you have made it go throught during your upbringing and your adult life. Explain why you have been neglected it for so long (if you have).

Tell it that it is ok to be innocent, pure and in a state of wonder even if people don’t always think it is. If you don’t know what to write, this is what your inner child wants to hear.

9. Acknowledge when you criticize yourself or others.

Criticism is a sign that you neglect your inner child. It only wants to play with whomever and with whatever. If you feel that you want to criticize something you did or made, notice that it’s happening and ask yourself why.

10. Don’t pay attention to what other people think about you.

It may sound like a cliché but it’s crucial if you want to connect with your inner child. If you allow yourself to get hurt by other people’s projections, you’re not helping your inner child. You are telling it that it’s ok to get yourself hurt. And that is not what you want for this innocent being to learn.

11. Ditch perfectionism.

Perfectionism has no room with the work of an inner child who just wants to create. Creation is perfect no matter how it looks, feels or sounds. If you want to sing but know you don’t have the right singing voice, don’t limit yourself. Sing. This is what your child wants.

12. Look for what pleases you the most.

Make it a habit to collect what you like. Is it certain kind of music? Take a note. What are you touched by? What brings you to tears?

Your inner child knows exactly what it wants and desires. Follow it to discover what it is. Ultimately this is where you can find your life purpose.

13. Follow your inner child wherever it goes.

If you follow your inner child and creative spark long enough and dig deep, you will ultimately find the sweet spot where you can contribute to the world by letting your unique inner child play its game.

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