The benefits of color

Color and the mind

Have you ever wondered why you like certain types of color? Why someone else likes other colors than you? Sometimes we even yearn for certain colors during certain times of our lives.

Colors are a vital part of our lives. We choose everyday what colors we want to wear, what color our next Leuchtturm 1917 notebook is going to be. We want to surround ourselves with a certain color palette and we choose meticulously what color we want to paint our walls in.

But the colors have a much more psychological effect on us than we can imagine.

Invite your inner child to play

When you’re in the inner child state, or the flow state, everything happens effortlessly and seamlessly. Your intuitive side knows this, and is always eager to help you reach this state. Research even shows that the state of flow helps restore your body functions and boost your immune system.

But more importantly: play is a crucial part of our wellbeing even if some of us don’t always admit that it is so. If more people would invite themselves to do the things they really enjoy, just for the sake of doing it and not because it will lead to a certain result, the world would be a much better place I’m sure.

Inspiration for your bullet journal

We talk a lot about planning and bullet journaling in this blog, and if you’re a bullet journalist like me I highly recommend that you try out some coloring in your bullet journal. It doesn’t have to be complicated: draw a few simple shapes and feel the joy of filling them with color.

It is also a great idea to combine coloring with intuitive drawing.
If you want to learn more about intuitive drawing, I’ve written an article about it here.

Get into the flow state with coloring

But what if you don’t feel particularly creative? Then what? Well, that’s were coloring is such a good idea. You don’t necessarily have to come up with something new and creative, but nevertheless you can ease your mind by just filling out the forms that are already there.

Try out the benefits of coloring for yourself

In this blog we aim towards getting you in a higher state of creative flow in your planning, decluttering or creative endeavors. To help you get started I’ve put together a fun set of coloring sheets that you can download.

Just enter your name and email and you will receive a PDF in your mailbox, with a set of fun coloring sheets so you can try it out for yourself.

Have a joyful coloring session!

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